Thursday, October 23, 2014

#BreakingNews Skype To Go - what a fantastic service.

Your free Skype To Go number

Here’s some good news. Because you’ve registered your mobile number xxxxxxx0439 with Skype, we’ve set you up with a free Skype To Go number.

Now you can call friends and family abroad at Skype’s great rates when you’re away from your computer – simply call from the phone you just registered.

Here’s how it works:

1. Dial your Skype To Go number: 27110835069

2. Follow the prompts to make an international call.

3. Enter the number you want to call, starting with the country code (for example, 001 for U.S.).

Note: You need to call from your registered phone: xxxxxxx0439

You can register another phone to call from or get a Skype To Go number in a different country or region if you want.

Tip: Save your Skype To Go number to your address book so you can easily make calls over Skype, directly from your mobile.

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